Tony Blankley

“The Face of The Steamboat Institute”
Tony Blankley

Anyone who has attended any of our three annual Freedom Conferences in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, knows that Tony Blankley truly was “the Face of The Steamboat Institute.”  While Tony found that moniker to be humorous, it was absolutely true.

Tony was the first person to really understand what we are doing at The Steamboat Institute.  He saw that it was good and that it would work.  He saw that, in this time, this is how we have to fight for freedom.  Tony, along with his beautiful wife, Lynda Davis, gave us their complete support before anyone else would.

We owe them a debt that we can never repay.

Tony Blankley was a great man and a great American.

All of us who are associated with The Steamboat Institute vow to re-double our efforts and keep up the good fight for our freedom.  We know that is what Tony would want us to do.

Rest in peace, dear friend.