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Dinner on the Mountaintop



Ann Coulter

February 17, 2012

So, what did Ann think of Steamboat? Here is a short interview:

Q: What kinds of travel and leisure activities do you prefer when you need down-time?

A: I like to unwind by writing and re-writing wedding vows for John Edwards and Rielle Hunter. I just find this relaxing.


Q: Have you been to Steamboat Springs before?

A: Never! 


Q: We imagine that you have many opportunities to travel around the US. What was behind your decision to come to Steamboat?

A: I was told there was free snow.


Q: Do you have a favorite place to ski (if it’s not Steamboat after this week’s snow)?

A: Obviously, it’s Steamboat now! (I have amazing skiing karma so it always snows wherever I go.) Before this, it was Vail and Aspen.


Q: What is your impression of Steamboat Springs after this visit and how did it compare to what you were expecting?

A: Frankly, I expected to see a lot more steamboats. But this is a great place.


Q: Did you have time to do other things in Steamboat off the mountain?  What were the highlights?

A: You know what they say: “What happens in Steamboat Springs, stays in Steamboat Springs”. Or am I thinking of someplace else?


Q: What do you think about the Diamond Peak Penthouse (616) at One Steamboat Place, where you are staying?

A: Terrific, except I got lost once and couldn’t find the kitchen on my iPhone GPS.


Q: Moving Mountains manages rentals of the residence where you are staying, along with 22 private vacation homes in the mountain area.  Is this your style of lodging?

A: Yes, I’ve always been a “breathtaking views, four-star accommodations” kind of gal.


Q: How was the evening at the top of the gondola? Any impressions of the Steamboat Institute or the people who attended the dinner?

A: AMAZING. It’s been all downhill since then. I guess you hear that a lot.


Q: Given the opportunity, would you return to Steamboat again?

A: YES! I think we’ve all agreed that I should be an annual speaker for the Steamboat Institute.

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