Pepperdine Policy Partner Program (“P4”)

The Steamboat Institute is excited to announce a scholarship partnership with the Pepperdine School of Public Policy. This is a unique opportunity for emerging leaders affiliated with the Steamboat Institute to develop their public policy skills at one of the only center-right graduate public policy programs in the country.

As part of the Pepperdine Policy Partner Program (“P4”), emerging leaders affiliated with Steamboat Institute can qualify for scholarships that reduce the cost of tuition by at least 70 percent and offer benefits such as the cost of first term textbooks, upon acceptance into Pepperdine’s Master’s of Public Policy (MPP).

Find out more about the P4 Scholarship & Apply HERE.

Pepperdine’s MPP offers a unique graduate curriculum, balancing quantitative course work with rigorous study of the Great Ideas, equipping public leaders who analyze our toughest policy challenges historically and philosophically, as well as quantitatively. The MPP offers five specializations:

  • American Politics and Policy
  • International Relations and National Security
  • Applied Economic Policy
  • Public Policy and Dispute Resolution
  • State and Local Policy
Pepperdine’s MPP graduates serve in a variety of high-profile positions, from major conservative think tanks to elected statewide office. The program is a springboard to a career in public policy, and the Steamboat Institute is proud to offer its Emerging Leaders the opportunity to participate.