Aurelia S. Giacometto

Board of Directors

The Honorable Aurelia S. Giacometto became the CEO of the International Order of T. Roosevelt in April 2022, with the vision to preserve Nature’s precious resources through conservation, education, and stewardship in order that future generations may enjoy what the past has entrusted to our generation’s care. Prior to that role, she was General Counsel and co-founder of AVC Global.

Aurelia worked as a biologist at Monsanto, now the Bayer Corporation, developing environmentally sustainable crops, and later obtained her law degree to address the legal and regulatory hindrances of using new science technologies.

In 2017, Aurelia entered government service as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of the Interior, where she forged relationships with many organizations to implement policies that gave the American public more access to federal lands, programs, and more freedoms. In 2019, she was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the 22nd Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, where she led the 8500-employee agency with over 850 million acres of land and water to revolutionize business operations, improve service and grant more access to the American people.

Aurelia received her Bachelor’s degree from Howard University, Master’s degree from Purdue University, and law degree from University of Kentucky’s College of Law.

Aurelia enjoys the outdoors, where you may find her fishing, hunting, or running. She holds a sub-3-hour marathon time.