Greg Pulscher

Greg Pulscher is the External Relations Director for The Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney, Australia. Prior to that, he joined the Civitas Institute as a development associate in 2015. In North Carolina, Greg established a networking social group in Raleigh devoted to liberty minded individuals, is a contributor to Opportunity Lives, began a podcast called “Free To Brew” tackling the misunderstood and widely criticized world of alcohol using a free market approach, and has been invited to multiple speaking engagements to discuss the issues behind regulation in the alcohol industry.

Prior to joining the Civitas Institute, Greg originated in Colorado and graduated from the University of Evansville with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Legal Studies.  From there he began his career in the private sector of rental and insurance claims, but sought out the fight for liberty when the opportunity arose.   

You can find additional articles and information written by Greg with the Civitas Institute, on his blog, and as a contributor with Opportunity lives.

The Free to Brew podcast centers around the premise; “free markets for all, even beer”, with the slogan “Without Beer There Can Be No Liberty, and Without Liberty There Can Be No Beer.” You can listen to the show on iTunes, Stitcher, or on his blog.”