Tony Blankley


The Steamboat Institute had no greater friend than Tony Blankley.

Tony served as our conference moderator ofr the first three Freedom Conferences and was a constant source of aid and support.  The Steamboat Institute would not be what it is today without Tony Blankley.

And, so, The Steamboat Institute has established The Tony Blankley Chair in Public Policy and American Exceptionalism.  The Institute will launch an aggressive fundraising campaign from coast to coast to fund the endowment of the Chair.  From these funds the Steamboat Institute will make an award each year to a deserving scholar who will produce policy papers in the Institute’s name and in the proud tradition of Tony Blankley.  Rather than focusing on narrow policy issues, these papers will take note of the country’s direction, the principles of its founding, and offer guidance and direction, just as Tony would.

We estimate that this effort will require raising between $250,000 and $300,000 to properly execute our mission.

We need your help.

Please give generously.