Kelsey Alexander

Unapologetic Capitalist from Castle Rock, Colorado; Graduate of Leadership Program of the Rockies

Kristina Arriaga

President of the advisory firm Intrinsic

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Debra Burlingame

Attorney and Expert on the Threats of Terrorism

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Steve Hofman

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor

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Irene Johnson

Philanthropist and concerned citizen — Windsor, CO.

Ed MacArthur

President and Founder of Native Excavating Inc. (Steamboat Springs, Colorado)

Stacy Sadler

Travel and Event Coordinator

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Randy Thornton

Non-executive Chairman and a Member of the Board of both Core-Mark International and National Energy & Gas Transmission

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Michael J. Williams

Founder and President of ALTIUS Financial, Inc. – Denver, Colorado; Facilitator of “Defenders of Capitalism” program for Leadership Program of the Rockies