Gabe Woolley

Gabe Woolley is an elementary school teacher in Tulsa, OK and works in parent and family rights advocacy (through media work), and with Rescue Clayton.

As a teacher Gabe has experienced many broken aspects of the education systems as well as many best practices. His desire is to always continue learning and to foster a desire for lifelong learning in others.

In his work through media, Gabe partners with Red River Creative Media out of Oklahoma City. They create documentaries, podcasts and other media to bring a voice to the people, particularly in Oklahoma. Red River Media covers stories of legal corruption and many other concerns throughout the state of Oklahoma.

With Rescue Clayton, Gabe advocates for parent, children, and family rights through media and networking. Rescue Clayton’s first mission is to bring Gabe’s nephew, Clayton, home to his family, and second, to reform Oklahoma DHS for the better by holding accountability, defending the innocent who have been wronged by a broken system, and advocating in legislation.

Gabe’s passion and heart is to see Oklahoma and our nation thrive in every way. He believes holding accountability and giving power back to the people is the best avenue towards this improvement.