Marko Sukovic

Marko Sukovic is a cofounder of SurusDH, LLC., an Illinois-based startup providing innovative voter engagement, automated communications, and fundraising solutions for Republican campaigns across Illinois. Surus’ ambitious goal is to turn Illinois into a red state by 2030 or sooner. Marko’s prior work includes serving as a Media Relations Intern for the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins, Junior Associate at Mercury Public Affairs, and Political Director for Congressman Bob Dold (R- IL10). During college, Marko helped start the conservative non-profit organization Turning Point USA and ran for state representative in his home district where he won the endorsements of the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, which described him as the future of the Illinois Republican Party. Marko earned his B.A. in Political Science, Cum Laude, from the University of Illinois.