Steven Hjelm

Emerging Leaders Council

Steven Hjelm is a proud Oklahoma native who has spent the vast majority of his time working in politics and state government for the past 5 years. Steven spent over two years working in Oklahoma Governor J. Kevin Stitt’s office while attending Oklahoma State University as a General Business/Pre-Law student. Following his time in the Oklahoma Governor’s Office, he accepted a position with then Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor. In the aftermath of his time with the Oklahoma Attorney General, he re-joined Governor Kevin Stitt’s team to secure re-election in 2022. 

In addition to his time in Oklahoma state government and politics, Steven ventured into the world of recruiting, focusing primarily on accounting, digital assets, and the IT space. Steven is a Rufus J. Fears fellow through the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, and conducted the largest document digitization effort for Oklahoma appointments in State history. Furthermore, he is an active facilitator, participant, and leader within the Oklahoma Student Leadership Forum and the National Prayer Breakfast. With an interest in private equity and the legal field, Steven plans to attend law school in the fall of 2024. Most importantly, Steven Hjelm is a devout follower and disciple of Jesus; seeking to make each endeavor a missional pursuit of truth in love as an act of service.