2013 LPR "Leaders in Action Award" Goes To Steamboat Springs' Akin, Schubert-Akin

DENVER, Colo. — The Leadership Program of the Rockies (LPR) awarded Rick Akin and Jennifer Schubert-Akin of The Steamboat Institute, the 2013 “Leaders in Action Award” at the Annual Retreat on February 23.

“In the world of activism, there is no substitute for having a deep understanding of the principles and the willingness to take bold action and both Jennifer and Rick exhibit both fearlessly,” said Shari Williams, LPR President. “The Leadership Program of the Rockies is proud to have helped plant the seed of the Steamboat Institute and salutes Rick and Jennifer Akin for their distinguished leadership in action.”

Both Akin and Schubert-Akin graduated LPR in 2009 and 2006, respectively. In 2009, they established The Steamboat Institute with a clear vision to educate and inspire their fellow citizens about the founding principles of the United States. Their enterprise has set an example for how engaged citizens can have a rippling and long-term impact on both local, state and national agendas.

“To receive recognition and an award from people for whom we have such admiration and respect – it’s an honor,” said Schubert-Akin. “Leadership Program of the Rockies opened doors for us that we never would’ve had opened to us before. It takes guts to walk through those doors and seize the opportunities, but if you’ve been through this program, you have no excuse not to seek them.”

Both are long-time leaders in their community and each own and operate successful businesses: Akin as a highly regarded attorney in Steamboat Springs, Denver and Austin, TX and Schubert-Akin who runs Marathon Accounting Services.

“Our adversaries won’t stop and the minute we win a victory means we get another battle,” said Akin. “We will behold this inspiration and will keep going forward.”

Leadership Program of the Rockies is a non-profit educational organization with the purpose of teaching America’s future leaders what freedom means and how to protect it. The “Leaders in Action Award” honors LPR graduates who made an impact and difference with their leadership. Last year’s recipient was the Douglas County School Choice Movement, a group of ten LPR graduates who made a difference in education at the statewide level.

March 21, 2013