Amber Athey’s Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump

October 15, 2021

What happens when The Washington Post smears you? Senior Tony Blankley Fellow Hadley Heath Manning fights back. This week, Hadley appeared on Fox News to discuss The Post’s hit piece on her and Independent Women’s Forum after she publicized a letter she wrote to her son’s daycare, simply requesting that masks be a parental choice for children. Spectator USA Washington Editor Amber Athey reports on her EXCLUSIVE interview with former President Donald Trump. Also in The Washington Post this week, Patrice Onwuka writes an op-ed on how inflation is going to affect the most vulnerable. Kelsey Bolar has a piece in USA Today about how pregnant women like herself deserve more time and information before taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Carrie Sheffield writes for Independent Women’s Voice about the hypocrisy of President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders in refusing to condemn the people who stalked Senator Kyrsten Sinema in a public restroom. On Breaking Points, Saagar Enjeti reports the latest in the Facebook whistleblower saga, and, writing in the Washington Examiner, Tom Rogan has the latest on Biden, Russia, and more. In Real Clear Politics, Philip Wegmann reports how the Hyde Amendment is an obstacle to Biden’s $3.5 trillion social spending package. And, Jillian Melchior has a new piece in The Wall Street Journal about China’s attempt to erase the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre from history. Our Tony Blankley Fellows are on the cutting edge of the most important news of the day. Click on their social media links below to get updates throughout each day!  width= Carrie Sheffield 2021-2022 Tony Blankley Fellow
The Joe Piscopo Show: The Green New Deal and Infrastructure
IWV: Anti-woman hypocrisy: Biden, Sanders refuse to reject Sinema stalking
IWV: Biden destroying debt ceiling filibuster breaks campaign promise to restore decorum
Patrice Onwuka 
Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

The Washington Post: When inflation hits the dollar stores, that’s a big problem
IWF: Is Facebook racist or is there more to the story?
Newsmax TV: The trouble with big tech and Capitol breach
Amber Athey
Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

Spectator USA: Jon Gruden exposes NFL’s woke hypocrisy
Spectator USA: Do these 20 Republicans regret confirming Merrick Garland?
Spectator USA: EXCLUSIVE: Trump blasts Biden on anti-CRT parents
Saagar Enjeti
Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

Breaking Points: Independents and black men rip Biden as do-nothing President
Breaking Points: Is FB whistleblower a media censorship plant?
Breaking Points: BlackRock, Goldman caught in Chinese pay-to-play scheme
 width=Philip Wegmann
Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

Real Clear Politics: Haley speech evokes Reagan — and hints at Biden-as-Carter
Real Clear Politics: Hyde Amendment is new obstacle to Biden spending plan
Real Clear Politics: Generals contradict Biden, but WH insists otherwise
Hadley Heath Manning
Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

Fox News: Hadley Heath Manning smeared by the Washington Post for daycare mask concerns
        Kelsey Bolar Tony Blankley Senior Fellow
Washington Examiner: Under Biden, brace for huge costs to heat your home
IWF: Leaked border patrol documents reveal Biden Administration’s vaccine double standard
USA Today: If you are pregnant, you deserve more information on COVID-19 safety
 width=     Tom Rogan Tony Blankley Senior Fellow
Washington Examiner: Why some U.S. officials see new indications Russia could be behind Havana syndrome
Washington Examiner: Four benefits of a Biden-Xi summit
Washington Examiner: Putin’s winter is coming for Biden and Europe

 width=Jillian Melchior
Tony Blankley Senior Fellow (2015-17)

Wall Street Journal: China is erasing the Tiananmen Square massacre

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