Big Tech Forced My Non-Profit to Submit to ‘Misinformation Training’—for Trying to Promote Free Speech

May 23, 2024

As part of its usual efforts to drum up interest, the organization sought to promote the debate about AI on Facebook and Instagram. (It’s worth stressing that AI is likely the most disruptive and consequential technology of our time, and, in turn, is one of the top sources of discussion both at home and abroad.) Twice, nonetheless, its paid advertisements were “rejected.” “This ad,” read the response from Meta (the conglomerate that owns both Facebook and Instagram, among other platforms), “doesn’t comply with our Advertising Policies. You can edit the ad(s) or go to Business Support Home to request another review.” By amending the ads to describe the debate in a far more sterile way, “AI and our Democracy,” they proved sufficiently inoffensive and were accepted. 

Read the full article about the censorship we faced from Big Tech HERE.

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