Carbon and Climate Catastrophe

March 11, 2022

“Carbon and Climate Catastrophe”


Patrick Moore, Ph.D.

Director of the CO2 Coalition Founder and Past President of Greenpeace

Author of Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom

View the slides from this presentation HERE. Return to the main Energy and Climate Summit page HERE.

The environmental movement has resorted to dishonest emotional tactics to evoke short-sighted impulses. Evidence and discourse have gone by the wayside, favoring an anti-humanistic narrative. Throughout Dr. Moore’s discussion, he details the realities of CO2 emissions, global warming, dishonest reporting, and the anti-nuclear and anti-waste narratives. Dr. Moore argues we need an “all the above energy policy” to ensure our resources are utilized to promote prosperity for humans and our environment. KEY POINTS

“The predictions of catastrophes today are based on things that are either invisible or very remote and are impossible for the average person to observe or verify.“

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