CBS Denver Quotes Jennifer Schubert-Akin on Routt County Mask Ordinance

CBS Denver quoted Steamboat Institute Chairman and CEO Jennifer Schubert-Akin on Routt County’s mask ordinance, which anyone caught violating faces a $5,000 fine and up to 18 months in jail:

At least one group is opposed to the extension. Jennifer Schubert-Akin, Chairman and CEO of The Steamboat Institute, calls it “an egregious trampling of civil liberties.”

Schubert-Akin says the institute is deeply concerned the public health order will destroy the local economy and “family-friendly reputation.”

“While Eagle County, Mesa County, and other counties throughout Colorado are reopening and welcoming visitors, Steamboat Springs and Routt County are locked in an atmosphere that is creating fear and distrust and is certainly not the welcoming Western hospitality we have long been known for,” Schubert-Akin stated. “Most summer events have already been cancelled and the remainder will be cancelled if this order stays in place.”

The latest data shows 59 cases of COVID-19 in Routt County and six deaths. Routt County has a total population of approximately 25,000

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May 30, 2020