Cuomo Scandal, Cancelling Conservatives in Hollywood, and more

February 22, 2021

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The Biden Administration has made many power plays since taking charge, and our Tony Blankley Fellows have all the coverage you need on healthcare, foreign policy and more.
On Fox News, Patrice Onwuka discussed the media’s underwhelming response to the Andrew Cuomo scandal. Amber Athey shares details on a Hollywood star who was ‘cancelled’ for her political views. Saagar Enjeti scolds CNN for their complicity in the Cuomo scandal, and Philip Wegmann reports on what Biden has to say about schools opening.
Hadley Heath Manning has a great piece on Biden’s move towards Medicare-for-all, and Kelsey Bolar writes about the lashing Dolly Parton received for singing about hard work in a Super Bowl commercial. Tom Rogan fills us in on the latest in U.S.-Iran relations.
Patrice Onwuka
IWF: Women’s workplace gains will suffer under the PRO Act
Fox News: There is an underwhelming response from the media on the Cuomo bombshell
Newsmax: It’s Black moms who may solve spiking murder rates
Amber Athey
Spectator USA: Schumer blindsided by Democrat impeachment managers
Spectator USA: Gina Carano wasn’t fired over a Holocaust meme
Spectator USA: Who believes the WHO?
Saagar Enjeti
The Hill: Trump won the GOP civil war, but can they ever win again?
The Hill: Cuomo caught in COVID cover-up, CNN complicit
The Hill: Tens of thousands leave GOP after January 6
Philip Wegmann
Real Clear Politics: Biden: In-person school one day a week not enough
Real Clear Politics: Biden’s attention isn’t on Trump’s second impeachment
Real Clear Politics: Biden runs into ‘most important person you don’t know’
Hadley Heath Manning
Washington Examiner: Biden’s slow creep toward ‘Medicare for all’
IWF: What we’re doing to save women’s sports
USA Today: Your barista, beauty blogger and fantasy author don’t vote the same way you do. So what?
Kelsey Bolar
IWF: Kelsey interviews author and podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey
The Daily Signal: Dolly Parton’s Super Bowl ad attacked for celebrating the side hustle
Tom Rogan
Washington Examiner: Biden Administration fails Iran’s attack test
Washington Examiner: The illogical ‘Purge Tucker Carlson’ movement
Washington Examiner: In Super Bowl interview, Biden rightly rejects Iran sanctions gambit

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