Fresh Insight on the Election, the Debates, Ukraine

October 24, 2019

Our Tony Blankley Fellows have been working hard this month following everything from the latest Democrat debate, pressing questions about candidates’ ‘Medicare for All’ plans and what’s going on with the Ukraine scandal.

Jillian Melchior has two fresh pieces from her trip to Hong Kong and Hadley Heath Manning has been delivering fantastic analysis of the policy scene on Fox Business. With so much news regularly flooding our inboxes, we appreciate the quick insight and analysis from these talented young writers.

Amber Athey, 2019 Tony Blankley Fellow
Daily Caller: They Anonymous New York Times Op/Ed Writer in NYT is Writing a Book Daily Caller Podcast: CNN Spent a Shocking Amount of Time on the Hunter Biden Scandal
Daily Caller: Lone Minority GOP Congresswoman on Why She’s Open to Supporting Trump in 2020
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Saagar Enjeti, 2019 Tony Blankley Fellow
The Hill TV:  Questioning the Authenticity of Warren’s ‘Medicare for All’ Plan 
The Hill TV: Kamala Harris is ‘Product of a Bankrupt Political System
The Hill TV: Warren, Buttigieg Don’t Stand a Chance Against Trump
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Philip Wegmann, Tony Blankley Senior Fellow
Real Clear Politics: Warren’s Transgender Inmate Stance Counters Her 2012 Position
Real Clear Politics: Conservative Groups Push Healthcare Plan They Say GOP Needs
Real Clear Politics: Pronoun Primary: 2020 Dems are Talking Gender Identity
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Hadley Heath Manning, Tony Blankley Senior Fellow
Fox Business: What to Look for in a New Energy Secretary Fox Business: A Breakdown of Social Security Adjustment
Fox Business: A Better Path for All on Medicare
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Tom Rogan, Tony Blankley Senior Fellow
Washington Examiner: Trump’s Syria Speech was a Pageant of Absurdities
Washington Examiner: Elizabeth Warren God Ambushed and Owned on ‘Medicare for All’
Washington Examiner: Yes, the U.S. Military Can Fire on Threatening Vehicles
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Jillian Kay Melchior, Tony Blankley Fellow (2015-17) Wall Street Journal: Hong Kong’s Spiritual Battle Wall Street Journal: The Hong Kong Crackdown Has Begun
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