Fresh Off the Debates: The Work of Our Tony Blankley Fellows

We’re coming to you fresh off Wednesday’s Democrat debate on MSNBC — and Tom Rogan has immediate feedback. This week, Amber Athey tackles sexist attacks against Republican women, like Rep. Elise Stefanik, who has been making a name for herself in the impeachment hearings.

Saagar Enjeti’s daily show with The Hill covers all the hot issues, including the Epstein cover-up scandal, and Jillian Melchior has another fantastic piece on Hong Kong. Hadley Heath Manning contributed to an awesome new video from Prager U, and Philip Wegmann reports on the Joe Biden transition from pro-Second amendment to gun control supporter.

Amber Athey, 2019-2020 Tony Blankley Fellow

Daily Caller: Lt. Col. Vindman says he feels ‘marginalized’ by mean tweets

Daily Caller Podcast: Leftist media launches sexist attacks against Republican women

Daily Caller: Focus group finds that average Americans don’t even know or care what impeachment is about

Saagar Enjeti, 2019-2020 Tony Blankley Fellow

The Hill:  Blasting Epstein coverage by the media

The Hill: Warren’s ‘Medicare for All’ plan is a ‘complete disaster’

The Hill: Yang’s plan to regulate big tech misses the mark

Philip Wegmann, Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

Real Clear Politics: Trump Jr.’s feisty appearance on the ‘The View’

Fox Business: Don’t tell the kids: This bill would keep them in school longer

Real Clear Politics: Biden, from pro-gun Senate newbie to gun-control Gold standard

Hadley Heath Manning, Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

The Western Journal: Republicans & Democrats offer rival plans regarding the future of healthcare in America 

Prager U & IWF: How big government hurts women (featuring Hadley’s work in script)

She Thinks Podcast: How to Fix Healthcare

Kelsey Bolar, Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

Kelsey is still out on maternity leave, but feel free to check out past episodes of her podcast,

“Problematic Women” here.

Tom Rogan, Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

Washington Examiner: 2020 Democrats blow it on foreign policy 

Washington Examiner: Why Beijing will slaughter Hong Kong

Washington Examiner: Josh Hawley nails it on China military threat

November 22, 2019