Members of our Emerging Leaders Council are up to big things! 🇺🇸

June 20, 2024

Members of our Emerging Leaders Council are up to big things! Gabe Woolley is currently running for Oklahoma House District 98. Here’s what he had to say about the recent runoff: 🇺🇸

“My heart for Broken Arrow & State House Dist. 98 is that the elected position will become a servant’s position once again. I want the people to feel that they have a voice and to believe that they are the boss and the government works for them!

This race has taught me the power of connection and being face to face with the people. Challenging a 3x winning incumbent (4th running) and tying with him with a single vote, has shown me that it is time for change in Oklahoma, and Oklahomans want that. The focus must always be on the people and the constitution, and we need to get back to that in every level of government.”

– Gabe Woolley

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