Socialism Kills: This is Not the Way

In America, we pride ourselves on freedom, liberty and individuality. We are a haven of safety for those feeling oppressive regimes and a beacon of hope for those suffering inĀ  places where freedom lacks.

Yet, there are political leaders here in the United States who have lent their voices to praising the countries from which people flee. We’ve heard it from voices like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and most prominently, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Policies based on socialistic thinking, like government-funded healthcare, childcare, college and the like, are where folks like Sanders would like America to go. Those uneducated about the downfalls of socialism and government control may think it sounds like a great way to help Americans who are struggling. Unfortunately, it’s far more complicated than the “free” solutions (funded by taxpayer dollars, of course!) offered by politicians. The Washington Examiner finds:

“Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders warmly praised Cuba and the Soviet Union in the late 1980s after visiting each, dismissing ‘horrors’ in Cuba as right-wing propaganda and praising Soviet infrastructure even as dictatorship prevailed and the country was on the verge of collapse.”

Later in the piece, they cite Sanders’ writing:

“For better or for worse, the Cuban revolution is a very profound and very deep revolution. Much deeper than I had understood. More interesting than their providing their people with free health care, free education, free housing … is that they are in fact creating a very different value system than the one we are familiar with.”

There are stories galore of the ways Communism and socialism have destroyed — and continue to destroy — lives. It’s concerning that we’ve got folks invested in pursuing policies that mirror those in countries failing human beings in such horrific ways. Venezuelan business owner Jose Monages recently toldĀ Fox News:

“If you get into an accident and the ambulance takes you to the hospital, you will just die outside the hospital. People die going from one hospital to another to see which one can take you. They are sick and they are dying. They are waiting outside of the hospital for their medicine and their treatment and that happens every day.”

We recently spoke with Morgan Zegers, Founder of Young Americans Against Socialism (YAAS) about her plight to reveal the truth about socialism to young Americans. Check out the interview here:

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