The Spectator Covers YouTube Censorship of Steamboat Institute Event

April 5, 2021

The Steamboat Institute recently hosted an event featuring constitutional scholar John Eastman discussing claims of election fraud in the 2020 election. YouTube and Vimeo censored the event video, which you can now watch on Rumble HERE. The Spectator covered this story, reporting:
Big Tech platforms have repeatedly censored any mention of voter fraud at all. Such was the case late last week when YouTube and Vimeo pulled a video interview with Trump lawyer John Eastman. Cockburn’s colleague and The Spectator‘s Washington editor, Amber Athey, is a fellow at the Steamboat Institute and was invited to conduct the interview with Eastman at an event in Colorado. The event was called, ‘What Really Happened? An Insider’s Perspective on Representing the President and Claims of Election Fraud.’ Amber pressed Eastman on his claims of fraud from multiple angles. She asked why the Trump campaign lost so many court cases, whether or not the Supreme Court was wrong to refuse the case brought by Texas alleging illegal changes to voting laws in the run-up to the election, if the campaign will release all of the evidence they claim to have now that they’ve exhausted most of their court challenges, and more. When Eastman suggested that the courts acted in a partisan and biased manner, Amber pointed out that some of the challenges were rejected by Trump-appointed judges. That is to say, this was hardly a free-for-all. Eastman was merely offered the opportunity to present his case while addressing the many criticisms of the Trump campaign’s claims. Nonetheless, YouTube said that the video violated its policy on misinformation. When the Steamboat Institute attempted to post the video under a different title, YouTube removed it again and revoked Steamboat’s ability to post videos for a full week. Vimeo also removed the video, saying that they ‘do not permit content that seeks to spread false or misleading information about voting.’
Read the full article at The Spectator HERE.

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