The American Energy, Jobs and Climate Plan

“The American Energy, Jobs and Climate Plan”


Micah Chambers

Legislative Director for U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND)

Co-author of The American Energy, Jobs and Climate Plan

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Micah Chambers presented the case for the American Energy, Jobs, and Climate Plan, co-authored by U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer. He argues that American energy producers outpace the world in safe, clean, and cheap energy production.

Chambers cites North Dakota as a leader in emission reduction and carbon capture.

If more states reduced their regulations on the energy sector, energy across the country would continue to trend as cleaner and more affordable.

Unfortunately, current energy policies, advocating for unrealistic solutions, are hurting average Americans. These policies fail to consider working families by eliminating the companies and jobs that support strong local communities.

The goal of the American Energy, Jobs, and Climate Plan is to put the average American first, while still having a positive global impact on reliable, affordable energy and the climate.


  • Encourages innovation that leads to the optimal combination of alternative energy and fossil fuels.
  • Adopts policies that increase production of cleaner fossil fuels.
  • Reduces American dependence on countries such as Russia and China for rare minerals and other materials necessary for energy production.
March 11, 2022