The Beautiful Story of an Israeli Hospital Treating Syrian Lives


It’s hard to believe, but an Israeli hospital is currently treating Syrian lives day and night. No one knows how the costs will be covered and no one is asked where they’re from. This hospital truly takes, “First, do no harm” to heart.

The Ziv Medical Center in Safed (Zefat), Israel is just a 40-minute drive from the Syrian border so it’s easy to see where many patients find their way there. According to Legal Insurrection, a total of 490 Syrians have been treated at Ziv, under a status of “humanitarian life saving aid.”

CNN has a recent video report of what’s happened.

In the midst of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, it’s touching to see a hospital taking such care of individuals who might be considered “enemies” by some. When someone comes to the border, the Israeli military does not ask them who they are. They simply ensure there are no weapons, then get them to care.

Despite the hate that rages overseas, this story provides a glimpse of love that we find worth sharing.

May 26, 2015