The Latest Work from our Tony Blankley Fellows

Our Blankley Fellows not only investigate and report but also moderate our compelling Campus Liberty Tour debates. Carrie Sheffield and Tom Rogan moderated last week’s debates at UT Austin and University of Maryland. Catch the replay here and on “Making Money with Charles Payne” on Fox Business Network!
Patrice Onwuka reported on the continued crisis at the border and spoke with Newsmax about the NYC Board of Health’s recent declaration that racism is a “public health crisis.”


Amber Athey delivers an insider’s look at the infamous Loudoun County school board meetings, where parents have made headlines for pushing back on Critical Race Theory.


On Breaking Points, Saagar Enjeti discusses possible negligence on the film set where the shooting took place involving Alec Baldwin.
Philip Wegmann, writing in Real Clear Politics,is the first to report on Trump’s “America First” policy summit, taking place November 4th at Mar-a-Lago.


Hadley Heath Manning appeared on Fox Business to discuss White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s comments making light of serious supply chain issues. Kelsey Bolar issued a “Fact Check” on inflation and hosted two great episodes of the “She Thinks” podcast discussing mask mandates and women’s sports.


In addition to hosting our debate, Tom Rogan kept up reporting on foreign policy issues, including what you need to know about Turkey, China and more for the Washington Examiner.
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Carrie Sheffield
2021-22 Tony Blankley Fellow


Patrice Onwuka
Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

Amber Athey
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow


Saagar Enjeti
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow


Philip Wegmann
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow
Tom Rogan


Tom Rogan
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow
Jillian Melchior
Former Tony Blankley Fellow
The Wall Street Journal editorial page writer