The Latest Work of our Tony Blankley Fellows (February 2022)

This past week’s Wall Street Journal opinion section featured pieces by Jillian Kay Melchior (Fellow, 2015-17) who is currently reporting on the ground from Ukraine, and Tom Rogan, writing on, “Is Germany a reliable U.S. ally?”


Carrie Sheffield spoke on the Donlon Report about the ongoing debate over transgender athletes. For the Daily Caller, Patrice Onwuka wrote about President Biden’s “gaslighting” of the American people on the economy. Amber Athey writes about her unorthodox approach to Covid for Spectator USA.


On Breaking Points, Saagar Enjeti discusses the possibility of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson running for President in 2024, while Philip Wegmann, writing for Real Clear Politics, examines whether VP Harris could legitimately cast a tie-breaking vote if the Senate splits 50-50 to confirm the replacement for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. And, Hadley Heath Manning participated in a panel on how cancel culture is shaping college campuses across America.


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Carrie Sheffield
2021-22 Tony Blankley Fellow


Patrice Onwuka
Tony Blankley Senior Fellow

Amber Athey
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow


Saagar Enjeti
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow


Philip Wegmann
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow


Hadley Heath Manning
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow



Kelsy Bolar
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow
Independent Women’s Forum


Jillian Melchior
Former Tony Blankley Fellow