Tony Blankley Fellows Recent Work: When Does $3.5 Trillion Equal Zero??

October 4, 2021

From The Wall Street Journal to Fox News, our Tony Blankley Fellows are bringing all the coverage necessary to get a good understanding of the most important events of our day. Carrie Sheffield published a letter in The Wall Street Journal asking, “What would Afghan women think of a cricket boycott?” and appeared on Fox News to discuss President Biden’s spending bill.
Patrice Onwuka speaks out in Newsmax about how the infrastructure bill will affect minority women. Amber Athey covers Democrat hypocrisy and more on the infrastructure bill disaster, for Spectator USA.
On Breaking Points, Saagar Enjeti analyzes Democrat leaders who break their own mask mandate rules, and Philip Wegmann covers issues related to the border crisis for Real Clear Politics. Hadley Heath Manning was on Fox News discussing the child tax credit, and Kelsey Bolar writes for The Federalist about Twitter censoring one of her videos. Writing for the Washington Examiner, Tom Rogan provides insight on the latest foreign policy developments related to China, Russia, and Germany.
Philip Wegmann moderated last week’s Campus Liberty Tour debate on the question of “Is the Social Justice Movement of Today the New Civil Rights Movement?” featuring Jason Riley of The Wall Street Journal and talk radio host Richard Fowler.
Carrie Sheffield 2021-22 Tony Blankley Fellow
Wall Street Journal: What would Afghan women think of a cricket boycott?
Fox News: Biden’s agenda rests on $3.5 trillion bill
IWF: FACT CHECK: Will the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package cost ‘zero dollars?’
Patrice Onwuka Tony Blankley Senior Fellow
IWF: Workers take center stage at at antitrust hearing
Newsmax: If Biden cared about minority women businesses, he’d drop the budget
Newsmax TV: Democrats divided over $3.5 trillion spending plan
Amber Athey Senior Tony Blankley Fellow
Spectator USA: Blame Biden for sinking infrastructure bill
Spectator USA: Exclusive: Republicans condemn Biden’s role in anti-white conference
Spectator USA: Black caucus silent on Maxine Waters’s border comments
Saagar Enjeti
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow
Breaking Points: Media ignores insane federal reserve corruption, resignations
Breaking Points: Dems say quiet part out loud on their debt ceiling mess
Breaking Points: SF Mayor caught partying maskless, says she was ‘feeling the spirit’
Philip Wegmann
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow
Real Clear Politics: Generals contradict Biden, but WH insists otherwise
Real Clear Politics: Republicans say Kerry is lobbying against slave labor bill
Real Clear Politics: 26 governors seek meeting with Biden over border surge
Hadley Heath Manning
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow
Fox News: Dems look to redefine ‘child’ for tax expansion
IWV: Two truths and a lie: Children and face masks
Kelsy Bolar
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow
IWF: What’s inside the $3.5 trillion Bernie-Biden spending blowout?
The Federalist: To hide Biden’s border crisis, Twitter censored my 2017 video journalism on horse patrol units
IWF: Policy Focus: Debacle in Afghanistan
Tom Rogan
Senior Tony Blankley Fellow
Washington Examiner: Russia proves Biden’s folly by charging top cybersecurity leader with treason
Washington Examiner: Top generals admit folly of Biden’s ‘over the horizon’ Afghanistan counterterrorism strategy
Washington Examiner: What does Germany’s election result mean for the U.S.?
Jillian Melchior Former Tony Blankley Fellow
The Wall Street Journal editorial page writer

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