Amelia Hetfield

Amelia Hetfield has always been an active participant in the political process. As a young girl, she participated in campaign activities and volunteered for conservative candidates. Her interest in politics culminated in earning her Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Government from Bryan College in Dayton, TN. However, Amelia saw the potential to change the world through the free market, and started her career in the private sector. She worked in operations, management, and corporate real estate at J.CREW in Virginia and New York City before moving to Madison, WI, to complete her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin. After receiving her MBA, Amelia joined SARA Investment Real Estate as a Development Associate, where she was responsible for conducting financial and strategic analysis for commercial property acquisitions and real estate developments.

Currently, Amelia is an executive for COR Eyewear, an online sales division of Wisconsin Vision, Inc., a large, regional Midwestern chain of eyeglass stores that her family owns and operates. She is the third generation to participate in the family business, and in addition to her e-commerce role, she also manages a variety of projects throughout the stores and the lens lab. Being part of a legacy of job creation, Amelia advocates for policies that enable the free market to act responsibly, and improve quality of life for Americans through economic growth.