Protecting our Natural Rights From The Covid-19 Government Stampede

In response to Covid-19, state and local governments have limited Americans’ speech, assembly, economic activity, and ability to pursue happiness, among other restrictions.

These social and economic regulations violate our natural rights, which are our fundamental rights that derive not from the government but from our nature as humans. They supersede any government laws or rules. Natural rights predate the creation of government.

To arm Americans with knowledge about these natural rights to help them fight back against this government stampede on civil liberties, the Steamboat Institute created a one-page backgrounder on this issue. Drawing on the work of Steamboat Institute board member Matthew Spalding, Vice President of Washington Operations and Dean of the Van Andel Graduate School of Government for Hillsdale College in Washington, D.C., this document explains what natural rights are and how they supersede government regulations.

This document is the latest addition to the Steamboat Institute’s Stopping the Stampede toolkit, a campaign to amplify how ordinary Americans have been impacted by the government’s response to Covid-19.

Read it HERE. Download the full toolkit HERE.

February 26, 2021